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St. Joseph's Shining Little Stars is a non-profit organization that aims to provide local orphan children - newborn to 6 years old- with a temporary home, equipped to offer shelter, nutritious food, and early childhood education in a loving home in Jinja, Uganda.   These children have been suffering from abuse, abandonment or neglect.

Our goal is to reintegrate each child into their parents or extended biological family. Only after we have exhausted all efforts at family reintegration, would we begin the process of identifying potential adoptive/foster parents who will embrace them as valuable members of their families. While identifying a permanent, loving family with strong family values, we will provide the children with a caring and safe environment, by protecting them from abuse, abandonment or neglect.  

We are a start-up organization working under the umbrella of H.E.L.P. International,  an NGO based in Colorado  with over 10 years of experience in Uganda focused on community development.  H.E.L.P. runs a primary school in Masese with approximately 600 children. ( Tax ID: 84-1534719)

Through H.E.L.P. International, we will have access to high level government officials and religious organizations that recognize their support and commitment to the people of Uganda.

Our Mission

  • To provide abused, abandoned and neglected children under 6 years old  with an environment conducive to  healthy physical, spiritual and emotional development.
  • To protect and care for children under the age of 6 years old, who have been abused, abandoned or neglected.
  • To reintegrate  the  children to their biological families and their communities.
  • To identify potential adoptive/foster parents, if efforts at family reintegration are exhausted.

  • The first 6 years of a child's life are a  "critical period" for the development of their ability to think, learn, and feel.

Our Vision

 To see the abandoned, abused and neglected children under our care develop and flourish in a safe, loving and healthy environment

Our Values

" And whoever receives one such a child in

My name receives Me"  Matthew 18:5

  1. Joy in the presence of God 
  2. Love to protect the unlovely and the forgotten
  3. Loyalty and commitment to our mission
  4. Kindness to and compassion for the children and their families
  5. Integrity and honesty in managing resources 
  6.  Teamwork 


Morella Echenagucia-Carta

Founder and General Director

Morella grew up in Venezuela.  She developed most of her Human Resources international career  working for global companies in the banking and technology industries.

She worked extensively in countries in Europe, Asia and the Americas regions. During the last 4 years she has dedicated her life to serve others through local and international charities.

In February 2018 she committed herself to start up a transition home for abused, abandoned or neglected children under 6 years old in Jinja, Uganda; at that moment, St. Joseph's Shining Little Stars was born.

Morella has 3 sons and 3 grandchildren. She lives in Florida-USA

Get Involved


The children of Jinja, Uganda need you!

Together we can make a difference in the lives of these shining little stars.

If you are moved to raising funds, supporting events and creating awareness in the community, or if you would like to volunteer at our home in Uganda, please contact us at sjslsinfo@gmail.com

or call us at +1 786-592-0145


Uganda has one of the largest population of  orphans per capita with approximately  2.6 million orphans, 

according to UNICEF. These children come from families devastated by extreme poverty, often

lack access to education, proper nutrition and health care. They need our help desperately. 

There are 3.5 million of reported children sexually abused  in a year.

Please consider a donation to put their lives on track . Your contribution is tax exempt.

Thank you!

100% of your generous donation will directly impact the lives of the least of His people. 

Sponsorship Program

If Your heart wants to go an extra mile servicing the most needed, please select a child from the profiles attached and follow the process below:

1-Send us an e-mail with your selection at: SJSLSINFO@gmail.com. We will confirm via e-mail that your selection still available

2-Go to our donation page: stjosephshininglittlestars.networkforgood.com  select "sponsor a child" and provide your credit card information.  $40 per child will cover medical expenses, special diet, diapers, hygiene articles and others

You should expect quarterly updates of your child's progress. Even though our children do not know yet how to read or write, they would like to receive/send  letters from/to their sponsors.

You are also invited to meet them in person should you decide to come to Uganda!




Child: Eric Mukisa                                                                  

Born on July 2018

Eric was born from a mentally sick mother, who is not aware of the exact father of the child. His grandfather is an alcoholic and his grandmother run away. Eric and his mum left the grandparent’s home scared by the abuse and alcoholism of the grandfather. They were on the streets with no place to stay.

Since Eric was admitted to SJSLS in July of this year, he has gained weight (now weighs 10kg) and is slowly adapting to the new environment.

He likes to play with other children, loves to eat “Matoke”, a kind of plantain very popular in Uganda, and pancakes.  





Child: Mariam Favor Kyoyenda

Date of birth: 2/15/2018

Mariam Favor was locked by her mother in the house from morning to night claiming to have gone for work.  Without food and appropriate hygiene, the child starved and was severely malnourished. By the time St. Joseph’s Shining Little Stars rescued the child, she was 18 months but weighed 5kg, could not crawl or hold a cup to feed herself. She could not even stand by herself. Mariam had may wounds in her mouth and body.

Since Mariam was admitted to St. Joseph’s Shining Little Stars on 7/26/2019 she has gained 2.5kg and is no longer malnourished; her wounds have healed. She is receiving health care, proper nutrition and the love and care every child deserves.

 Mariam likes music and dancing and is using a new toy to learn how to walk








Child: SHAMIR KALULU                                            


 Born on 1/6/2019

Since the day Shamir was born, he and his mother were not allowed to leave the hospital (private) because his mother did not have the means to pay the hospital bills. They were living in the hospital hallways for several months without appropriate hygiene and food other than what good Samaritans provided.

Shamir was at the risk of malnutrition and with visible skin rushes all over his body.

Shamir’s father abandoned his mother and with no job she was unable to support her child.

Shamir got immediate medical attention and is no longer malnourished. His skin rushes continued to be treated.

Shamir loves to eat every new food that is presented to him! He is a happy child adapting to his new safe and loving home 



Child: Morisha Kwagala

DOB:  12/16/2017

Morisha is a total orphan. Her dad died before she was born and her mother died at birth. She is currently under the care of her only paternal uncle William. He is not married and whenever he goes to work, he leaves the child with a neighbor till evening.

Unfortunately, he has been granted a chance to continue his education as an intern and cannot take care of her. Her maternal relatives have rejected the child and refused to accept her.

The child is abandoned and at risk of being abused and malnourished.

Morisha just came to St. Joseph’s Shining Little Stars on 09/01/2019. She had malaria and flu. She is very shy and is slowly adapting to our environment and to other children. She is a beautiful girl and very sweet. When she hears music, her eyes light up and starts moving and clapping. Her favorite foods are Rice with beans, eggs and bread.






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Give Me a Chance to Change My Story

A transition home in Jinja-Uganda for abandoned, abused or neglected children under 5 years old. You can give these children a chance to change their stories from sad and poor to a happy ending by using the resources and talents that God has given you! These children need you!

Let's Give These Children the Opportunity to Change Their Story

Thanks to a generous donor our children now have a playground dedicated to St Anne!

Chicks and vegetables are growing, our children have healthy food!

Our home is located in Jinja, 3 hours from Kampala. Come and visit us!